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Hey! long time no see!

Just clarifying on the folders here, since people (including me) have been getting confused on where to put their deviations.

And just to clarify now, since this has been the main problem:

Any fanfiction chapters/full stories that involves multiple Zelda games should be placed in the one it related to the MOST. If you can't figure that out, put it in the folder where the story takes place. For instance, if you're using Twilight Princess Link, but you put him in the world of Skyward Sword, it would go in the "Skyward Sword FFs" folder.
Now, if the world does not relate to ANY of the folders, then it would go in the "Other LoZ Games FFs"


The "Featured" folder currently does not have a purpose, we still haven't figured out a need for it, and we can't get rid of it, so it's just there.

All deviations in the "Featured" folder may be moved to a different one as we figure out a need for it.

FanFic-related ART

This folder is for the art related to a fan fiction that may, or may not be featured in our gallery.

Now, this does NOT include comic pages that tell the story, or even comic strips that make a short joke, it is SPCIFICALLY for JUST THE ART.

This means, that the art does not belong in the other folders!!!

(There are a few exceptions however, see below for more details)

Role Plays

This is for role plays that are recorded, as DeviantArt chats themselves, are not recorded, but if you want to share, you can post them here.

This folder can also be used for those who Role Play using deviations, such as one person submits one chapter, then the other person submits the next. Those deviations are allowed here.

Original Characters and References

This folder is going to be deleted, as this can fit in the "FanFic-Related ART" folder. This means that any written references are allowed in the "FanFic-related ART" folder.

Group Entry 1

This folder was from an old event held here which we would like to continue, but unfortunately has not been.

Beginning Folder

This is for the beginnings of stories that have multiple chapters so people can find the starting points.

Now, it has been the job of the admins to move the beginnings of stories to this folder, but unfortunately, it is quite hard to keep track of all of them to know which ones are already in there or not.

So far, that is all, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, make a comment in this journal or sent us a note.

Thank You!
Please stop posting things that aren't fan fics! Or anything that isn't related to one!
hello! This is freak4zelda and

I would just like to quickly make a sincere apology to all who tried to submit their work and it expired!

I haven't been able to get on the computer and accept all the deviations lately, and life is just....bleh.....

I have now set it so that our wonderful Contributors can now vote on our submissions.

Also, we could really, REALLY, REALLY use a Co-Founder to help us with....well, pretty much everything.

Back to the expired submissions:

I have now also set it so that all the expiration dates are a month after they're submitted, giving us a chance to look over and accept the deviation.

Now, as i write this, i shall be sending an invitation to all the expired works.

Again, I am truly sorry, I hope to keep up with this in the future.

That is all.
Hi every one!  We've got a surprise for you!  We're making a group effort fanfic for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  It's more than a game than anything else though because you get to contribute randomly as long as you follow the rules.  The last day of entry will on 9/4.  Here are the rules:

1. Must be appropriate for all audiences
2. Wait for at least two people to post a new sentence or two before you make another contribution
3. Minimum contribution should be at least one full sentence but no more than three sentences per contribution. Things like "Stop!" do not count as a sentence unless they are accompanied by something like, "The man shouted."
4. Please refrain from changing the subject to rapidly
5. No OCs allowed. (we might make another one of these where OCs can be added)
6. We ask that you make your contribution the best that you can do and if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all (but we would love for everyone to share their beautiful writers voice with us.)
7. and most importantly... PARTICIPATE!

here is the first line:

Once upon a time, in a land known as Hyrule, the hero, Link, sat on the edge of a little fishing hole on his one day off that month.

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