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Welcome to sLOZffs!
This group is dedicated...
:bulletblue:To the fanfictions of any and all Zelda content,
:bulletblue:To the support of fanwriters looking to get advice, and fans,
:bulletblue:To the support of original character development.

This may be a slow week, as the group is under construction.
Don't write zelda fanfics? No problem!

Here, you can look for…
• Fanfictions
• Editors
• Fans
• Art Trades/Comissions/Contests

Currently under construction!

:bulletred: Make sure you submit to the correct folder.
The game map you use for your fanfiction is the game folder you submit it to, even if it takes place after the games conclusion. Please put your 1st page or 1st chapter in the Beginning folder, and the rest of the story in the other folders.

:bulletred: Unlimited Submissions.
:bulletred: ONLY Roleplays, Fanfictions, and art of fanfiction submissions are allowed.

Still in the making.
:bulletorange: No fighting, bashing, or stealing.
:bulletorange: Anyone can Join as a Member.

List of Fanfictions in Alphabetical Order:
Title: by deviant: link to 1st chapter:

:bulletgreen:III: Two Celebrations: lassidophilus…
:bulletgreen:6 insted of 4: pink-mira-chan
:bulletgreen:A Greater Evil: CarinaVahinian
:bulletgreen:A Living Nightmare: KissedAWookie
:bulletgreen:A Shattered Heart: Darkie4Eva
:bulletgreen:A Tear to the Unsaid: Stephonika-W-Kaye
:bulletgreen:After Skward Sword Rewrite: Zelee5465…
:bulletgreen:After the Twilight: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Awakening: Bratchan…
:bulletgreen:Brotherhood: Narma-san
:bulletgreen:Child of Darkness: Lock-of-Hyrule
:bulletgreen:Death of a Hero: Pieplate…
:bulletgreen:Deluge: Mahira-chan…
:bulletgreen:Dusk Dragons: TheLegendofLuigi…
:bulletgreen:Echoes of Fate: AzuraDragoness…
:bulletgreen:Encounter: freak4zelda
:bulletgreen:Endless Black Sea: CACblind…
:bulletgreen:Enmity: MrWatch
:bulletgreen:Every Legend has a beginning: FireDragoness…
:bulletgreen:Fallen Hero: Bratchan…
:bulletgreen:Fan Fiction Holiday List: Mahira-chan…
:bulletgreen:Final Showdown: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Forgive: TheLegendofLuigi…
:bulletgreen:Fortitude: xx--ingie--xx
:bulletgreen:Four Guardians: RedAutumnAngel
:bulletgreen:Four Swords Cafe: LinkyChuChu…
:bulletgreen:Ganondorf's Hellfire: CarinaVahinian…
:bulletgreen:Helen, Goddess of Fire: VeanOracleofLight veanoracleoflight.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Hidden Heroes: Light-Sensei…
:bulletgreen:Hidden Powers: LinkyChuChu
:bulletgreen:Hour of Twilight: PrincessTwili
:bulletgreen:Impa's Trial: A Sheikah Tale: Sweet-something…
:bulletgreen:Into Darkness: Volvagia--Vulcan…
:bulletgreen:Last Blademaster: Mixmaster900
:bulletgreen:Link to the Twilight: xXTime2BurnXx
:bulletgreen:Lost Hero: zelink4everandever
:bulletgreen:Lurking Shadows: Mynhphrah…
:bulletgreen:Minish Queen's Diary: slikster46
:bulletgreen:Neo Hyrulean Kingdom: xXmariisa23Xx
:bulletgreen:Nightmare: Stephonika-W-Kaye
:bulletgreen:No Longer a Kokiri: Stephonika-W-Kaye
:bulletgreen:Old Friends: LinkNZeldaForever
:bulletgreen:Old Oak; Young Boy: Narma-san
:bulletgreen:One Shot-Loyal Defender: soccergirl676…
:bulletgreen:OoT: Heteromance: 5ilvara…
:bulletgreen:OoT- Questionings: 5ilvara…
:bulletgreen:Oracle of Light: VeanOracleofLight veanoracleoflight.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Other Side of the Mirror: SaltyChi
:bulletgreen:Our Time: Kyraktos
:bulletgreen:Principatus: MissScarlett12…
:bulletgreen:Reincarnation: day-dreamer-101
:bulletgreen:Rusty Cage: xXTime2BurnXx…
:bulletgreen:Sacrifice: KissedAWookie…
:bulletgreen:Shadow Wings: blueRnN…
:bulletgreen:Shadows of the Past: YoMo715…
:bulletgreen:Shall We Dance: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Sheik X Link Equals Forever: BadassSheik92…
:bulletgreen:Skyward Sword: CarinaVahinian…
:bulletgreen:Skyward Sword: SlyCooperRocks101 slycooperrocks101.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Snowpeak: Tavoriel…
:bulletgreen:Sweetest Apple: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Taz Alba Trofashe: The Gwyllgi Labyrinth: lassidophilus…
:bulletgreen:The Decieved: freak4zelda…
:bulletgreen:The Hero's Dilemma: AngstOfZant…
:bulletgreen:The Hylian Crusade: Kalinka-Shadows
:bulletgreen:The Legend of Terra: MrWatch
:bulletgreen:The Marriage of Princess Zelda: lassidophilus…
:bulletgreen:The Minish Queen: slikster46…
:bulletgreen:The Return: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:The Twelve Weeks Of Christmas: LinkNZeldaForever…
:bulletgreen:There Are No Second Chances: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Three Worlds: freak4zelda
:bulletgreen:Twilight Princess: Stephonika-W-Kaye
:bulletgreen:Twilight Princess: After the Twilight: LinkNZeldaForever linknzeldaforever.deviantart.c…
:bulletgreen:Unexpected Return: TheLegendofLuigi…
:bulletgreen:Until It's Gone: KissedAWookie…
:bulletgreen:Why Shadow Link's The Best: KirikoAsakura…
:bulletgreen:Zelda OOT: Stephonika-W-Kaye stephonika-w-kaye.deviantart.c…


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Gallery Folders

The Legend of Zelda : Lurking Shadows p.5 ENG. by Mynhphrah
LoZ : Lurking Shadows Cover Page_Color by Mynhphrah
The Legend of Zelda : Lurking Shadows Logo by Mynhphrah
The Legend of Zelda : Lurking Shadows p.1 ENG. by Mynhphrah
Ocarina of Time FFs
Majoras Mask FFs
Twilight Princess FFs
Skyward Sword FFs
Serpent GhiraDragon Form R2 by jeffyarts
Serpent GhiraDragons 2 by jeffyarts
Other LoZ Games FFs
Project M Remasterd page 1 by Gamercorp100
Project M page 5 by Gamercorp100
Project M page 4 by Gamercorp100
Project M page 2 by Gamercorp100
FanFic-related ART
Seafaring Bard by VeanOracleofLight
A Shadow Left in a Mirror by VeanOracleofLight
Kuro Oracle of Shadows by VeanOracleofLight
A Bombchu Situation - Comic by Linkage92
Supporting Fanfic Deviant Stamps
Role Plays
Group Entry 1


I’m looking for lucky deviants to be my staff!

To help me with everything, lol.

A Contributor:
1. To advertise/invite deviants, (also Tumblr, LiveJournal, and Fanfiction websites).

Upholder of the rules/conflicts of members if the fonder/co-founder is offline: morikage13

Contest, Game, Chat Admin event admins: freak4zelda Narma-san

xXTime2BurnXx is in charge of searching and looking for zelda art-related/fanfics to add to the gallery.




Here are my commission rates, very cheap! Only 10 DEVIANTART POINTS! for any digital drawing of anything video game themed!


Black and White Ocarina by Linkage92 Cubchoo the Ice Pokemon by Linkage92
Ocarina of Time by Linkage92 Deku Baba by Linkage92
Ancient Robot - Skyward Sword by Linkage92 Vaati within the Forest by Linkage92


If you're interested at all, send me a message :)
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sweetcherryblossom Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
As long as it's a fanfic, it's welcomed!
alkere Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
hi you like ling(zelda)
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Is this place alive still? Just curious since I happened across it. I was looking for a writers group and this caught my eye.
freak4zelda Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, we are actually a fairly new group, but we haven't been able to do much as some of our admins are a bit stressed from school and other things, so we seem really inactive.
But yes, we are still alive!!!
Volvagia--Vulcan Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thats okay.^^ I understand completely, been there and done that. I just recently started a new job so I understand. I was merely curious as to if you were accepting members still. But before I joined I wanted to ask something first.

When you say you accept any zelda fanfic does that mean you also accept those with mature content so long as they have the proper filters applied? I just wanted to be sure before I joined up and submitted anything to avoid causing any problems. I write horror stories and, well, I'm a zelda fan so I decided to write a horror zelda fanfic.
freak4zelda Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, mature content IS allowed, so long as you have the filter on ;)
ooh! a horror huh? I'd like to read it sometime! =D
(2 Replies)
YoMo715 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
where would you put crossover fics (between two zelda games)? heh.. ^o^;
Narma-san Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Student General Artist
Hum, that is a good question. We should make an 'other' folder. I have a similar problem with a Fan Fic that isn't really any game at all, but a future setting. I will discus this with the other people in charge of the group.
YoMo715 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is that fortitude? o.o just out of curiosity - i mean, it's set after OoT so l:o
thanks :3
Narma-san Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Student General Artist
Sorry for asking (I'm a little slow sometimes), but what do you mean by fortitude?
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